Organizers and Crew

bobBob (49), Denmark

Bob has a long history as organizer of workshops and events in the BDSM-society.
Co-founder of both the Black Scouts, Klub Nawa and numerous events at Erotic shows, his huge shibari knowledge comes from workshops of great variety, such as practitioners as Otonawa, Peter S, ShetahSs, Artifex, Felix, Pedro, Stefano L., Alberto, ect.

Bob has his own unique style. His way of combining his imagination and rope technique is extremely intense, fluid and instinctive – very much based on the concept of “getting lost in the ropes” along with his partner.


karinaSheTahSs (40), Denmark

One of Denmark’s best riggers, who since 2010 has been very active in the rope community both nationally and internationally.
Karinas rope journey began with three intense months in the role as a bunny. And by then she knew that she wanted to tie. Since then, Karinas fiery love for Japanese inspired ropes has been burning strong, indulging herself in the human emotions conjured by these as well as both pleasure and pain.
Karina: “What happens between my rope partner and I is what drives me and pushes me forward. I thrive on the raw, sensual power of improvising hot, intense and intuitive sessions. I’m discovering my very own rope style infused with the essence of sensual energy and passion. There is still so much more to learn – my journey has just begun!”

She has been studying the Japanese way of the ropes through workshops, classes and private lessons with various teachers, such as Gorgone, Butterfly Bondage, Hajime Kinoko, Arisue Go, Otonawa, Felix Ruckert, Mark Yu, Inudoshi, Hedwig, Peter Slemrian, etc.

Beside having attended workshops, she has also been a part of workshops worldwide. Karina: “I had the pleasure of sharing my passion for rope doing workshops in Aarhus & Copenhagen (Denmark), Barcelona (Spain), Bokuslän (Sweden), Berlin (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic) and Helsinki (Finland).”

FoxyLock (31), Denmark

I discovered my passion for Shibari the very first time I tried ropes – I guess you can 3339466 (4)say it was love at first sight. For me, Shibari and Kinbaku combines seduction, sensation and surrender, as well as representing a deep connection and dynamic between the partners.

As a model / rope bottom I enjoy the calming state of mind which is brought to me by getting tied up – I feel free. In that very moment, my entire focus is about being present, abosorbing every sensation in that incomprehensibly beautiful way created by the symbiosis the rigger and bunny in between.

My experience as a model / rope bottom also helps me in the sense, that it in many ways helps me become a better rigger. It gives me a certain understanding and knowledge, which certainly is to be treasured whilst being the one standing in the other end of the ropes. As a rigger, my goal is always to make my model beautiful – and beauty can come in many different forms: sensual, sexual, pain, pleasure, being strong, or feminine.