-Edna- (30) Czech Republic


Edna is a brilliant female rigger from Czech Republic. Her rope journey started in 2011, and by 2013 the Czech rope community had grown strong enough to host larger international workshops with Wildties, Peter Slemrian and Otonawa. 3 very different riggers with very different rope philosophies, that today still are the foundation of Ednas very own style.
In 2014 Edna performed at BOUND in London, and started teaching and organizing workshops. Since then, Edna has been doing many workshops, and is today very well known for her teaching and rope work. During last three years, her work gained a unique and elegant style – in the way she ties you can sense a vast combination of humour, overstatement, pain along with strict and non-compromising technique. Her rope skills are known throughout the European shibari scene, as she is one of the first czech shibari artist seen on the international stage. With Anea Capaken she performed at London Bound, and at the masterclass in Paris with japanese rigger Ren Yagami, with whom she performed in Russia this year as well.

200000252Edna: “When I started to tie, it was because I was attracted to the connection between the partners, and to how I could immobilize my partner – not even in my dreams it would have occurred to me that these activities could leave my bedroom walls. But fate would have it otherwise – today I’m not just a rigger, but also a performer, organizer and lecturer.